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Hartford Lions Soccer Academy (HLSA) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to positively impact the development of youth in the Greater Hartford community by providing them with soccer and life-enriching opportunities, to create and nurture valuable soccer instruction, and to enhance their social and physical health by fostering a positive and safe environment.

One of HLSA’s goals is to provide student-athletes with academic and athletic support in order for them to become strong candidates for college athletic scholarships. Increasing exposure to college-level competition will not only help to close the opportunity gap, but will also help to prepare student-athletes for life after college and beyond sports.

HLSA has been founded and designed to focus on the comprehensive development of athletes who are from under-served and underrepresented communities, many of whom live below the federal poverty line. To attract and sustain those in our target-population, we must reduce costs as much as possible, and utilize the free or low-cost resources available to us.